Hollis & Spann brings extensive experience in multiple brands with the hospitality industry, including to date, more than 50 Marriott projects and over 20 Hilton projects. Marriott’s prestigious Opening of the Year award has been awarded to Seven Hollis and Spann constructed hotel projects.

We are very knowledgeable about brand requirements and work well with corporate project management teams. Our philosophy—rather exceptional in the hotel world—is to focus not only on construction but also on the hotel opening—attachment-free.

Our experienced project superintendents understand the many small details required to open a hotel on time. They will work hand-in-hand with your hotel staff to ensure a smooth hotel opening process.

Hollis & Spann offer our clients you the many benefits of dealing with a progressive, diversified, highly-experienced company of direct leadership with our team of experienced project managers and company president Glenn Spivey from the early planning stages through your attachment-free hotel opening.